The EPA Clean Power Plan:

A data analysis of the Economic Policy Institute's (EPI) research on the employment impacts of the Clean Power Plan (CPP). 

The CCP is the most substantial regulatory proposal yet by the Obama administration to cut greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.  For a quick look at the details of the plan, see this EPA factsheet. To read the comprehensive analysis on the employment impacts of the plan, see here.

This database contains some of the available data from the EPI publication, showing the direct and indirect job gains and losses for different industries (from the Oil and Gas industry to Scientific R&D services) and for different demographic groups.

Net change in direct jobs by 2020
Net change in direct jobs by 2030

Indirect Jobs per Industry

Industries with positive net indirect effects by 2020, 2025 and 2030 from the CCP
Indirect effects per industry: number of indirect jobs impacted for each 100 direct jobs

Impacts per Demographic

The total projected direct jobs gained outnumber the direct jobs lost almost 5 to 1. Most of these gains will be made in top two wage quintiles.

Direct jobs gained and lost - by gender

Direct jobs gained and lost - by wage quintile

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